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Summer 2020 All-Ages Service Trip

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Serve in Mexico – June 10-14, 2020

Peace United Church of Christ is excited to offer this experience to serve by building homes in the border town of Tecate, Mexico. This service trip is one way to demonstrate love to our neighbors in the border town of Tecate. This trip is an inter-generational opportunity to build a home alongside a family from Tecate. The trip is designed to be an easy entry point into international service and does not require any specific skills or background. During our time in Tecate, we are intentional about including people of ages in the building process and recognize the life-long value of contribution.

We hope that you will catch the 'Vision' of spreading God's love by meeting people's needs in a tangible way. Not just saying it - doing it, & having fun in the adventure of doing it! This multi-age trip allows families to serve together and young and forever young to enjoy serving alongside one another.  Kids of all ages are welcome.

During our time in Tecate, our group will build two homes with latrines for families who lost their homes during the Tecate wildfires that swept through in October 2019.  We will also engage with the local community at a local primary school and possible other activities within the community.

Peace has currently reserved space for 75 people, children and adults, to be a part of this exciting, adventurous experience in serving.  The trip is open to anyone, including family and friends not affiliated with Peace UCC. Peace UCC is Christ centered, and elements of our Christian tradition will be a part of the trip experience.  Participants can choose their level of participation with these aspects of the trip.

Be prepared for a little bit a chaos, a whole lot of fun and a meaningful group experience!


Why Homes?

A sturdy and weatherproof home is fundamental for a secure and healthy family life.  A decent home for a family is one part of the process of alleviating long-term poverty. The latrine we will build with the house will increase the health of the entire community as well. Building homes is also a very accessible way to serve for all types of people from all walks of life. This service trip encourages inter-generational relationship building and aims to serve in a way that allows all trip participants to feel a part of the process.


Where will we build?

We will build west of Tecate, Mexico, just along the border.  We will be staying at the “rustic” Rancho La Paloma Ministry Center. You can take a look at their website.  The staff at the Ranch have been involved in community development for decades and will work with our team to identify the families who will receive a home.

Who coordinates the building process?

Generally, each home will be led by one or two experienced builders who are volunteer their time to be a part of the group experience. They will offer instruction on site and will be supported by sub-leads who will oversee various steps in the building process. At the trip orientiaton, team members will receive more information about what to expect at the worksite. Each team member and/or parent of a team member is responsible for knowing their own limits relating to the building process (i.e. shingling a roof, carrying heavy materials, using power tools).

What is the Cost of the trip?

Registration starts February 2

$310 for adults, $285 for children and university students

Cost of the trip covers lodging for 4 nights, breakfast, lunch and dinner beginning Wed evening, concluding Sunday breakfast, including water and light snacks at the worksite and transportation from the Ranch to the worksite each day.   Housing and meals are provided at the ranch while lunch is at the worksite.  Housing will be in shared bunk rooms of 4 or 6 persons. 

Registration does not cover the cost for the two homes that we will build: each home costs $9,500. As a community we will need to raise $19,000 total in costs.  We ask that all team members contribute to fundraising. This can be by sharing our GoFundMe page with family & friends, hosting a fundraiser or contributing to a team fundraiser.


How do I get to Tecate, Mexico?

Many trip goers will choose to drive with their family or friends to Tecate.  Rancho La Raloma is located about 5 miles from the Tecate border crossing.  Personal vehicles can be parked at the Ranch during your time in Mexico.  Personal vehicle Mexico insurance should be purchased for the 4 days you will be in Mexico.

You may also fly to San Diego.  Peace UCC will coordinate group transportation from the San Diego airport to Rancho La Paloma.  This transportation would be an additional cost of $50 per person roundtrip.  If you do choose to fly, please make flight arrangements accordingly - the bus will leave San Diego airport on Wednesday, June 10th at 2:30pm and will arrive back to the San Diego airport at 11:30 am Sunday, June 14th.


Want to Learn More?

If you have specific questions or you’d like to receive updates about the trip, please email Jodi Mulder.


6:30 pm-8:00 pm.

Click here to read more detailed information about the logistics and practicalities of the trip.

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