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Our Core Values

When the church changed its name to Peace United Church of Christ, we clarified Eight Core Values at the heart and soul of our mission, ministry and life together. These values describe the kind of community we want to be and the kinds of Christians we hope to inspire here.

1. Our message is one of extravagant welcome, following the generous way of Jesus, who welcomed seekers from all walks of life and inspired a dynamic and inclusive church. In our own beloved community, we embrace young and old, seekers of all races and ethnicities; friends of all abilities; and people of all sexual and gender identities. We are one in Christ!

2. Jesus our Teacher articulates a way of compassion that honors our common humanity and nurtures in us mercy and humility. We are especially moved by the Charter of Compassion which declares that "compassion impels us to work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of our fellow creatures, to dethrone ourselves from the center of our world and put another there."This inspires us to collaborate respectfully with peoples of other faith traditions in confidence that our collaboration is a sign of God's passion for peace. We are bearers of Christ's blessing!

3. Our covenant invites curiosity and communication, nurturing respect for our many differences and valuing maturity and honesty in relationships across the life of our congregation. In our ministries and fellowship, we encourage one another to speak our truths in love, to listen compassionately, and to work cooperatively in times of conflict and joy. We are the Body of Christ!

4. Our faith encourages spiritual formation and practice, even as Jesus invested his energies in prayer and forgiveness, generosity and healing. In our life together, we mine the depths of Christian tradition, embodying spirituality in daily practice and holding one another accountable for spiritual maturity and growth. We travel this path together: children and elders, students and teachers, an inter-generational church. We are disciples of Christ!

5. Our devotion is animated by wonder and gratitude for God's creation, the hills and hollows of our sea-swept central coast. Upon these hills we find peace, solace and daily inspiration. Creation evokes our praise and inspires our fidelity. On this campus, we celebrate the many mysteries of earth and sky, flesh and spirit, life and death. We are artists all, collaborators with Christ!

6. Our mission is energized by evangelical courage, a risk-taking spirit inspired by Jesus' own passion for justice and healing, manifesting in daring acts of solidarity and reconciliation. Prayerfully and thoughtfully, we confess Christ's gospel, addressing the crucial issues of our time: poverty, violence, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, global warming and others. We are inspired by Christ!

7. Our gospel inspires commitment to peacemaking in every arena: congregational work, family relationships, civic life and world affairs. Attentive to Jesus' example and teaching, we understand peacemaking as a dynamic and ongoing practice. In word and action, we bear witness to the possibility of reconciliation between adversaries and a "just peace" among nations. We are partners of Christ, the Prince of Peace!

8. Our ministry imagines a church beyond these walls, a congregation of connected groups, ministries and leaders who exercise ministry in a wide variety of small groups and ministry teams. Together we bear witness to God's amazing and restless grace. We are not limited by location or tradition. We are sent out by Christ!

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