Worship With Us

Peace United is a diverse, open and affirming community of Christians: seekers of all ages gathering to praise God, grow in Spirit and serve the God of Love!  Come for just an hour, come for a event, or come for a lifetime...there's a place for you here!

Sundays at Peace

10:30 am

Worship & Celebration in the Sanctuary

Children's Ministry, Education and Worship

11:45 am

Fellowship, Fun and an Potlucks on the first Sundays of the month!

Our Intention

We believe that God's love makes generous space for each and every one of us: for the very young and the very old, for the long-time believer and the contemporary seeker, for single folks and couples, for gay friends, straight friends and questioning friends.  When we gather Sunday morning, we gather to praise God for that kind of love and to seek inspiration and encouragement for our own lives of loving service.


You'll hear all kinds of great music at Peace: choral music, jazz, gospel tunes, a great organist on the move.  And you'll hear all kinds of prayers, too: traditional prayers, contemporary prayers, prayers invoking God's power through all kinds of inclusive language.


When we gather around Jesus' table, for the sacrament of communion, we practice the kind of radical 'openness' he did.  Everyone's welcome!  No one's turned away!  There's no test for participation: you can believe anything you like.  All you need, at Jesus' table, is an open heart, a loving spirit and a willingness to grow.

Great Music!

Music is a passion for us at Peace United: all kinds of music.  You'll find a spirited Choir, directed by the amazing Cheryl Anderson, and you're invited to consider joining them and singing a wide range of exciting choral music.

You'll also find "Jazz on High"--the six-piece jazz band that includes local muse Lori Rivera, pianist Art Alm, drummer Zach Ohlsen, bassist Steve Uccello, saxophonist Brad Hecht, and cellist Renata Bratt.


All that--and we love to sing together.  We sing rousing gospel tunes and great hymns from the tradition.  We sing meditative prayers and contemporary folk melodies.  We find that music connects more deeply to the Spirit, and to one another!  And we're all about connection!

All Ages!

Children are a huge part of who we are and what we do at Peace!  They are welcomed and cherished at each and every one of our worship services.  And once a month, on the First Sunday, our entire service is focused on inter-generational activity, prayer and liturgy.


We believe children learn best by being in the mix, watching and participating.


Most Sundays, children will join us for worship and spend the first 20-25 minutes with the entire community.  Then, they accompany teachers to Sunday School.


For more information about your family and how it fits at Peace, contact Yael Lachman at 831-426-2010 or yael@peaceunited.org

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Phone Number: 831.426.2010


Weekly Worship Service: Sundays at 10:30 am 

Office Hours: Tues - Fri. 9 am to 12 pm (noon) and 1 pm to 3 pm

Pastoral Care Emergency: 831.272.2657

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