UCSC Student Parking

Parking  for the 2021-22 school year IS NOW FULL 
Please fill out the form using the link below to be added to our waitlist. Once a space becomes available the waitlist will be notified in the order it was received.
Parking Permit FAQs

How much is the permit?

The price for 2021-22 is $650 and is payable by cash or check only.

When is my permit valid?

Your permit is valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for Fall 2021 through graduation weekend.

What if I do not know what my local address will be?

Please leave the space for your local address blank. You can fill it out in the office when you come to pick up your permit.

Do you sell permits on a quarter-by-quarter basis?


I don't have a check book.

We also accept cash in-person - although for security, please do not mail cash. 

I have filled out my application. Now what?

Your application IS NOT confirmed until payment is received. We must receive full payment within 7 days of your application. Once payment is received the office will contact you to confirm your permit.

Do I need to move my car at weekends or holidays?

No, your permit is valid 24/7 and you do not need to move your car. If you can move your vehicle at weekends, this is helpful but not required; it helps us to accommodate people attending weekend events and church services.

How do I get my actual permit? Can you mail it to me?

Come in to the office to collect your permit and get oriented with the parking lot. For security, we do not mail permits.

I purchased a permit but no longer need it. Can I get a refund?

We're happy to give a partial/pro-rated refund if you no longer want your parking permit - if we can re-sell it to someone on our wait list. For example, if you use your permit for half the year, and then return it, if we can re-sell it then you'll receive a refund of approximately half the fee, minus a small processing fee to cover costs. 

I contacted you about a permit but have not heard back.

Our office is open Monday-Thursday, 9 am-3 pm. If you contact us outside these times, you will not hear back until we return to the office. 

I am a student who currently has a parking permit with Peace UCC. How do I get a permit?

You should have received an email, letting you know that the applications are now live as a courtesy. However, you will not receive priority in any other way. The applications and permits are on a first come first serve basis. You will need to fill out the application instructed above. 

What is the deadline to apply for a permit?

There is no fixed deadline. Applications will remain open until all our permits are booked. We then update the website that sites are full and open a wait list. If a permit becomes available, we will contact you using the contact information that you provide to us. If we contact you, you will have 48 hours to respond. After 48 hours, the permit will be offered to the next person on the waitlist and you will be removed from the waitlist.


I didn't get a permit! Is there anywhere else I might be able to get a parking space?

UCSC Transportation and Parking Services has details of other off-campus parking on their website.

I am a current UCSC student taking Summer Session classes in June/July/August 2021. Can I get a permit for that period?

Yes, Summer Session permits are available for $50. Contact the office.

Do you have security cameras in the parking lot?

No, we don't but there are people on campus a majority of the time and the parking lot is fully lit at night.

I have another question...

Email or call the office: 831.426.2010.