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Partners in Justice

OUT IN OUR FAITH is a coalition of many faith communities, comprised of Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Unitarian and non-denominational congregations within Santa Cruz County. Our mission is to promote the full inclusion of LGBT families, couples and individuals within area houses of worship. This coalition was founded in 2004 by members of Twice Blessed at Temple Beth El/Jewish Community Center. Peace United was and continues to be a vital and energetic partner in this work. 

Learn more about our commitments to organizing and acting for justice, here on the Central Coast and around the state and world.

COPA IS COMMUNITIES ORGANIZED FOR RELATIONAL POWER IN ACTION.   With 25 other churches, synagogues and community-based centers, Peace United has created a broad-based organization dedicated to organizing institiutions and growing leaders.  Together, we're working for affordable housing, health care for all, immigration reform, safe communities, economic opportunity and restorative justice.


COPA is a part of a nationwide network of broad-based organizations, building capacity for social change through relationship, curiosity and disciplined organizing.  Ernesto Cortes (left) is a national organizer for the IAF and a good friend and mentor both to COPA and Peace United.




Restorative Justice

Health Care

Economic Development




PROPHETS OF HOPE is a Peace United ministry dedicated to justice and service for incarcerated neighbors and friends in Santa Cruz County and beyond.  The ministry includes 20 or more members and friends who regularly gather for support and prayer and creative planning.  Together we lead the following programs: jail ministry, bread church, juvenile hall ministry, restorative justice advocacy, violence prevention.  For more, click here.

FOLLOW YOUR HEART is a mission of compassion and service founded by Peace United's Curtis Reliford in 2005.  With particular concern for the poor, affected in places like Louisiana (Hurricane Katrina) and Arizona (Hope & Navajo Nations), Curtis organizes frequent visits to these places and delivers much needed resources and hope.  Of his ministry, he says: "In our travels across this country, we have seen some of the poorest-of-the-poor in the United States. We want to make a difference by inspiring 2 percent of the American people who care and want to share food, clothes and building material, and who will help out with funds to support this direct service of delivering these goods directly to the people who need them."  Find out more by visiting Follow Your Heart or speaking with Curtis at church some Sunday!

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