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What to Expect When You Visit

Peace United strives to be welcoming,

and easy to navigate!

When you arrive at the church for service or an event, you'll find two parking areas: the main lots above the sanctuary (large building with triangular and pointed roof); and a limited number of spaces marked for “Church Visitors” in the lot immediately below the sanctuary.  (Please note that numbered spots in the lower lots are leased to permit holders 24/7 and are not at any time available for guest parking.)  Above and below, there are parking spots marked with blue signs for people with special needs.

Peace United is an accessible facility with no stairs on the upper level. For those who need easy access to the sanctuary or fellowship hall, use the drop off area under the overhead cover near the sanctuary entrance, or drive to the lower parking area and use the handicap spaces. We also provide hearing amplification headphones in the narthex. Ask a greeter for assistance.

Arriving for an event or service, you'll find greeters who are eager to help you. They can direct you to a seat if you like, or a restroom.  They can offer you a program for the event, amplifying headphones, or anything else you might need to be comfortable.

Currently, everyone is expected to wear a mask indoors; however no is required to declare their vaccination status. More about Covid protocols

   You'll find a community of loving families!

At Peace, we come from all walks of life.  We have big questions, open hearts and real (complicated) lives.  We're young and old, single and partnered; gay and straight and questioning.  Some of us are devoted to prayer and mysticism, others are devoted to activism and peacemaking.

Children are especially welcome and help to make Peace United a dynamic community of faith! If your family is new to Peace, ask a greeter for guidance. Or call our Office Manager, who will answer questions for families planning their first visit.

We hope that your experience here is

consistent with our vision of Peace! 

Our Sunday services run about an hour.  They're a mix of great music (choral, jazz, gospel, traditional), spirited ritual (communion, prayer, baptism, healing) and encouraging preaching

We celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month.  It's a 'sacrament' in the church in which we stand together, around a table, remembering Jesus' love.  In our tradition, there are no boundaries around this sacrament. All are welcome to join us at the table.

If you have any questions about us,  please give us a call. Let's talk!

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