What to Expect When You Visit

Peace United strives to be 

open, encouraging, affirming,

and easy to navigate! 

When you arrive on Sunday morning, you'll find two parking areas: the main lots above the sanctuary (large building with triangular and pointed roof); and a limited number of spaces marked for “Church Visitors” in the lot immediately below the sanctuary.  (Please note that numbered spots in the lower lots are leased to permit holders 24/7 and are not at any time available for guest parking.)  Above and below, there are parking spots marked with blue signs for people with special needs.

Arriving for an event or service, you'll find friendly greeters who are eager to help in any way. They can direct you to a seat if you like, or a restroom (!).  They can offer you a program for the event or anything else you might need to be comfortable.

    At Peace, we have no particular 
    dress code - so wear what
    makes you feel most happy and
    know that you're welcome here!

At Peace, we come from all walks of life.  We have big questions, open hearts and real (complicated) lives.  We're young and old, single and partnered; gay and straight and questioning.  Some of us are devoted to prayer and mysticism, others are devoted to activism and peacemaking.

    We really do make space for all
    of this: and eagerly welcome
    your questions, energy and

​Children are especially welcome and help to make Peace United a dynamic and generous community of faith!  If your family's new to Peace, ask a greeter for guidance.  Or call ahead and talk to our Office Manager who will help answer questions of families planning their visit to Peace.

    You'll find a marvelous
    community of loving families
    here, a Sunday School program
    during our 10:30 am Sunday
    morning service, and all kinds
    of ways to help your children
    feel at home and confident.


Our Sunday services run about an hour.  They're a mix of great music (choral, jazz, gospel, traditional), spirited ritual (communion, prayer, baptism, healing) and encouraging preaching.  There's plenty of space for you to move around if you wish, and some even like to dance a bit in the aisles around the church.

    Whatever your style is, we
    trust you'll find a loving
    community with big hearts and
    curious minds.

We celebrate communion often - as many as three times a month.  It's a 'sacrament' in the church in which we stand together, around a table, remembering Jesus' love and serving one another.  It's a beautiful thing at Peace: to see folks from so many different places and backgrounds, caring for one another and blessing one another.  In our tradition, there are no boundaries or walls around this sacrament.

    All are welcome: if you seek      
    God's grace, you're welcome to
    join us at the table and
    practice generosity there with


In 2013, we chose a new name for ourselves, shifting to Peace United Church of Christ.  This identifies us more closely with our covenant community, the United Church of Christ, and clearly states our mission.  We want to be a people of peace.  At the same time, we discerned and claimed 8 core values for our mission.  As you'll see (those 8, to the right), we're intentional about our faith, seeking to practice a generous, compassionate and loving faith. 


    We hope that what you
    experience here is consistent
    with this vision of Peace.  If so,
    you'll probably want to come
    back.  If not, we hope you'll let
    us know where we can do

If you have any questions at all about us, who we are, or why we are the way we are, we hope you'll give us a call.  Let's talk!

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