Live Streaming with Peace UCC

We are continuing to work on our live streaming formats so that those who are interested and able can watch us on Sunday Mornings. Click on the PDF button to link to this weeks bulletin which includes the hymns and call to worship so you can join in at home. 

We are currently using Facebook Live to stream our Sunday Worship Service. Please go to our Facebook Page, like it if you haven't already done so and then be online when we go live. You can also click this link to find our videos and watch the upcoming worship service.

Please make sure to also subscribe to our Facebook Page which is different than like. There is a button that says subscribe and you need to click it.


The next time we go live you should be notified as long as you are on Facebook at the same time.

We have our own church YouTube Channel for Live Streaming. 

Please follow the directions below to find our YouTube Channel and then click subscribe and it will notify when we are live and streaming.

The best way to find us is to go to YouTube and then in the search bar type Peace United SC and you will find our channel. 

Sunday Bulletin

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