You have two ways to make an important pledge to the ongoing ministries and life-changing work of Peace United Church:


  1. YOU CAN PRINT AND FILL OUT OUR PLEDGE FORM. You only need to fill in the first page if you would like to fullfill your pledge by check or cash. Fill out both pages if you would like to set up an automatic withdrawal from your bank account or credit card. 


      Drop off the pledge form at the church office, or

      mail it to 900 High St Santa Cruz, CA 95060 or

      scan and email it to Brooke at 




      In the appropriate box, let us know the total amount 

      (annual amount) of your pledge for the year beginning

      July 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2017.  Then, let us

      know whether you'll be fulfilling your pledge with

      weekly offerings, monthly offerings or a one-time

      annual gift.


      Click send and the on-line form will be sent

      directly to our Parish Administrator.


      Note:  If you'd like to pay your pledge on-line (or

                  electronically), you'll need to call the office

                  at 426-2010 and talk directly to the Parish

                  Administrator.  It's not hard, and we'll

                  coordinate with you.



Not sure how much to pledge? Here are a few ideas.


  • Some of us tithe, which means we give 10% of our income to God. Are you able to commit to this level?

  • If you cannot give 10%, could you commit to a different percentage? To the left is a helpful chart to see what those numbers might look like on a MONTHLY basis.


If we were to fund the entire budget from pledges, we would need annual pledges of approximately $3700 per household or pledging unit. If your income is below average for our area, then please give accordingly. If your income is above average, perhaps you can give more.


Thank you so much for your pledge and your part in the amazing ministry we do together!  Your generosity allows us to move forward with purpose and hope.

Success! Message received.