Lent and Easter 2020


Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, March 26th

7am to 9am Open Sanctuary with Ashes offered and music along with personal prayer time with Rev. Lake.


Evening Service at 7 pm with our Jazz on High group. All are welcome!

Glitter Ash.jpeg

Our Interim Minister, Rev. Damien Lake, will be leading us through our Ash Wednesday Service alongside the Jazz on High band. 

We have chosen to use Glitter Ashes to be dispersed on peoples forehead and hands during this service as a sign to others in the world that we stand with our LGBTQ community in seeking fair and equal treatment for all people.

We begin the morning at 7:00am with an opportunity for people to have silent reflection, with moments of music and personal prayer offered by Rev. Lake in our sanctuary. 

Contemplative Sabbath 

Saturday, March 29

9 am to 7:30 pm

Whole Peace UCC campus


Every seed that ever grew first needed its quiet time in the shelter of the soil, soaking in the nourishment of the rich earth. From the largest tree, to the smallest wildflower, to the carrots and corn on our tables, nothing that grows would have done so without its undisturbed period of rest and nurture. 

Perhaps there is something in your life that also needs protective space and sacred time for its own development. You might have a seed in your pocket that you've been meaning to sow, believing that it could sprout into something wonderful...or maybe you've got a feeling that spirit has done some sowing of its own in your life's garden, and you'll only discover what can yet be if you take the time to tend it. 

Many among us have found that a few hours of spacious silence, in the warmth of supportive community, gives blessings yet unborn a chance to begin their emergence into being. You are invited to join us for a Contemplative Sabbath on Saturday, March 29, 2020, where the entire campus will be silent, with lots of spaces for reading, writing, arts and crafts, yoga, meditation, walking, or whatever quiet activities feed your soul. There will be several brief times for prayer and singing in the sanctuary for those who wish to attend, wonderful vegetarian meals and snacks provided, and a chance to share aloud about our experiences toward the day's end. 

Maundy Thursday

Thursday, April 9

Supper at 6:00 pm

Fellowship Hall

Service at 7:00  pm

Peace UCC Sanctuary

We will be serving a light supper of vegetarian soup and salad starting at 6: 00 pm.

We will then move to the sanctuary for a time of music, word and reflection. The service will include a time for hand or foot washing which is to remind us of the story of how Jesus humbled himself by washing the feet of his disciples. This is not required, so feel free to come even if you do not wish to participate in this activity. 

Good Friday

Friday, April 19 @ 7 pm

Peace UCC Sanctuary

Rev. Lake, our Interim Minister will be leading us in a time of reflection during this Good Friday service in our sanctuary. There are readings that retell the last days of the life of Jesus. People are invited to blow out candles and to hammer nails into the wooden cross on the sanctuary floor. This is a very powerful service moving us deeper into the darkness before the light of Easter dawns. 

Sunrise Easter Service

Sunday, April 12 @ 7 am

Natural Bridges Beach

Easter Worship

Sunday, April 12

at 10:30 am in the

Peace UCC Sanctuary 

Worship will be led by our Interim Minister, Rev. Damien J. Lake! Join us for a joyous inter-generational celebration of the feast of Easter. All are welcome. As always, your presence makes us whole!

Join us for breakfast before worship!

We have a great tradition of enjoying an Easter morning breakfast at Peace UCC! Join us this Sunday anytime between 8 am and 10 am for breakfast in the Fireside Lounge. Our Youth Group prepares a delicious feast for us (with some help from Lilly Thomas, Grant Erickson, and other generous friends). Donations to support our Youth Programs will be gratefully accepted. 

Bring Some Flowers

This Sunday we are inviting all children and youth to come forward during the opening song and help decorate the cross with flowers. Make sure to bring some flowers from home and help us to make the sanctuary beautiful!

Easter Egg Hunt for little ones after service!

Join us for our traditional Easter egg hunt. We invite children, youth, and families to meet on the grass outside the narthex after worship to begin their hunt!