The Amos Award

In 2009, Peace United Church launched an annual celebration of the prophetic spirit in Santa Cruz County.  Since then, every January, we have awarded the Amos Award to a person of faith who embodies the prophetic ideas of passion for peace and justice for the poor.  These awardees have come from Christian and multifaith churches, Jewish synagogues and beyond.  They bear witness to the words of the prophet: "Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an everflowing stream!"

The 2017 Amos Award is presented to Beverly Brook. For many years, Beverly has coordinated the Prophets of Hope Ministry at Peace United, through which lay members visit and advocate for teens at Juvenile Hall and adults in the county and state criminal justice system. Her work on behalf of victims, offenders and their families is a powerful model for churches across the country.  Recently, Beverly organized around State Proposition 57 which has resulted in fairer treatment of juvenile offenders, who are now assessed systematically before being charged and sentenced.


Beverly's passion for justice among the most vulnerable is a shining example of the creative spirit among people of faith in Santa Cruz County.


The church will present her with the Amos Award in worship, at 10:30 am on Sunday, January 29.  It will be the ninth such presentation since the award was first presented in 2009.



2009:   Peter Klotz-Chamberlin

2010:   Meg Campbell

2011:   Mel Nunez

2012:   Nancy Abbey

2013:   Joaquin Sanchez

2014:   Elizabeth Schilling

2015:   Maria Gitin

2016:   Don Lane

Learn more about the Amos Award: our annual celebration of the prophetic spirit running through religious communities in Santa Cruz County.